Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy

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Look what our students are saying about us!

Pidcha R.


This school, this family, this fellowship, it’s enough. It’s perfect.

There’s nothing that can be as good as Westlake, right? But God has a path for all of us. We just have to trust him that everything will be alright. That our next stage in life will be as good as Westlake.


Ryan S.

At Westlake, I’ve been able to be my true self and not worry about having to be like others.

After touring many high schools, I believe all of us 8th graders can agree, there is not a school as great as Westlake is. I thank you all again for such a great experience and 4 years. 


Kaelyn S.

Westlake is a gem. You can’t find astonishing teachers or amazing classmates anywhere else...

I’m so glad that I came to Westlake; this school has grown immensely, and I’m so happy I could grow with it.



Hannah C.

The last 8 years of my life have been at this school, with these people who have become my second family.


Grace S.

Before I came to Westlake, I was barely an A and B student; my confidence in myself wasn’t very high, and I didn’t really believe I could ever excel in any subject or activity. Fast forward four years later...

I’m a straight A student, have a passion for learning, and am currently working on trying to become a better, more confident me, because I actually believe I can be.


To attend this school has been a blessing, it has helped me excel in many ways, and the teachers here are wonderful.