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Westlake Lutheran Academy uses the latest technologically advanced teaching tools to enrich the learning experiences of our students and to equip them with the digital literacy skills to succeed in the 21st century.

We recognize that in order for our students to be successful in the ever-changing complex digital world, we must be committed to continually improve teaching and learning at WLA. Our classrooms are equipped with digital projectors, Smartboards, and wireless technology, and in our younger grade levels iPad mobile carts. Our teachers participate in ongoing professional development, allowing them to explore the functions of the tools that are available and to learn how to harness the full potential of digital learning in the classroom. Students and parents can access grades 24/7 on any device through Blackbaud. 

Early Childhood and Lower School

  • In the early grades students have access to mobile iPad or MacBook Air carts in each classroom. Teachers utilize online resources to help students learn how to use iPads and computers correctly, as well as the proper use of many apps.
  • Through age-appropriate lessons, students learn about digital citizenship and proper etiquette for working within the online world.

Middle School

All students in grades 5-8 receive a 13" MacBook Air to use at school and at home, which is customized with applications and books that are specific to their coursework. This allows the learning environment to reach far past the confines of the classroom and develop the digital literacy skills that they will need to succeed in the 21st century. 

Before receiving a computer in grades 5-8, each student and their parents are required to read the LEAH Schools Technology Handbook and agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy.

Technology Handbook

Acceptable Use Policy

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